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Flavor Savers

Flavor Savers


Food & Beverage/Catering *Technology


We have created a solution to help eliminate food waste in the fast food and restaurant industry.  We developed a smartphone app to help restaurants sell every meal and reduce any costs associated with food waste.  Our Flavor Savers App will help customers enjoy already prepared food, at a discounted price. 

Many restaurants & bakeries struggle with food waste due to cancelled orders, orders that were incorrectly made, excess ingredients on-hand, seasonal overstock, over-sized portions in the kitchen, or reduced traffic due to weather conditions. The Flavor Savers App will give the community a chance to enjoy high quality takeout from restaurants at a reduced price.

Our app is a platform where restaurants can post "daily specials or last minute deals" at a discounted price. Restaurants will be able to post real-time pictures of any meal for instant pick up.

Now restaurants will be able to push through their excess inventory and reduce their losses before their ingredients expire. This app will help restaurants stay connected with their new and existing customers who are always looking for a deal.

Ultimately, they will gain a new stream of customers and a new stream of revenue that would have otherwise been wasted food and wasted dollars.



Gena Allan
Owner & Founder

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